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Extreme Cleaning Services in Scotland

Deep cleaning and commercial sanitisation have never been more crucial to promote safe business activities and safeguard your workforces’ health. It’s vital to have a cleaning strategy in place when a building has been vacant, the scene of a crime, or inhabited by trespassers, as a few examples.

Clearway Scotland delivers an accredited extreme cleaning service to private owners, commercial businesses, and emergency response services in Scotland. Our UK branches also work in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Crime Scene and Trauma services as their trusted extreme cleaning partner for over a decade.

Extreme Clean – kitchen before and after

Our Deep Cleaning and Extreme Clean Services

In many cases where hazardous waste is present, there is potential for contamination, health issues and in the worst-case scenario – fatalities. It is vital to appoint a trained extreme cleaning crew to quickly, thoroughly and safely remove all contaminants in a professional and meticulous manner.

The Clearway Scotland teams are on hand to assist when a property or area of land requires a clearance, and the potential for harm to yourself or your workforce is too great to allow untrained personnel to undertake the job.

Examples of potential substances that can be extremely harmful to health include:

  • Drug paraphernalia, including used needles.
  • Exposure to HIV, scabies, TB and hepatitis.
  • Blood, excrement or bodily fluids.
  • Sharps, glass, or unknown materials.

Our extreme cleaning crew is trained in the safe clearance of all biohazards, infestations and waste that require both commercial quality equipment and protective gear to handle. We are licensed by the Environment Agency and we use accredited incineration services where required to dispose of dangerous waste responsibly. After your clearance has been completed, you are left with a habitable building or space that is safe, clean and hygienic.

What does extreme cleaning involve?

We pride ourselves on a professional and compassionate service. When an extreme clean is required after any trauma, death or accident, our teams will treat each property with respect and consideration for any persons present on site.

Please note that this type of in-depth, comprehensive sanitation goes far beyond a typical carpet clean or end-of-tenancy clean. It is more suited to more specific cleaning scenarios where competent clearance is required from a highly trained team.

Clearway Scotland teams can support you with:

  • Trauma clean-ups in private or public locations.
  • Biohazard clearance, including chemical leakages.
  • Infestations from rodents, maggots and flies.
  • Fumigation services to remove pollutants.
  • Sewage overflows.
  • Graffiti removal.

Each crew has access to commercial disposal systems that are appropriately licensed, meaning that no matter the extent or nature of the materials at the site, we will ensure they are carefully removed and disposed of to prevent any exposure to harm

Why Choose Clearway Scotland?

When it comes to environmental property services, if you have experienced a crime or accident on your premises, or need to restore safety to a vacant property, it is critical to appoint an experienced team who have the resources and equipment to manage the situation correctly.

Clearway Scotland works with emergency services, businesses and private homeowners throughout the region to tackle even the most extreme situations in a calm, competent and efficient manner.

Alongside a cost-effective service and remits from as little as a half-day, Clearway teams can consult on your needs on a case-by-case basis.

Additional services include options such as boarding up a property where a crime has taken place, installing vacant property alarms to prevent any intrusions or security breaches from recurring, and advising on safety protocols to make your premises an unattractive proposition for vandals.

With decades of experience in environmental services and security, give us a call at any time. We will consult with you to understand your needs and the situation before recommending the most suitable resolutions.

Related Services

As a highly accredited and experienced firm, Clearway Scotland offers a broad range of services to restore your property or premises. From environmental issues to robust security, get in touch with the team for more advice about the best options for you.

Some of our most popular services alongside extreme cleaning include:

  • Fly-Tipping Clearance: rapid response clearance services for fly-tipped waste and environmental hazards.
  • Concrete Barrier Hire: prevent all unauthorised vehicular entry to your sites to avoid criminal intrusions and security breaches.
  • Boarding-Up Services: fast boarding up to defend a property where there are broken windows, and damaged or destroyed lock mechanisms.

Vacant Property Security: ranges of security defences, alarms and surveillance to keep even the most remote properties under the watchful eye of a professional security team.

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