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Property Services

Our team in Scotland offers a comprehensive range of property services, which are predominantly related to vacant properties. These services include clearance, thorough cleaning and the control and removal of invasive plants and pests. We work closely with property managers, estate agents, landlords and local housing authorities. Additionally, we have a wealth of experience managing large hotels and leisure centres, as well as housing associations across Scotland and the United Kingdom as a whole.

Property Clearance

Property clearance is commonly required after an eviction, re-homing, repossession and in some circumstances, death. Clearing a vacant property is often a lengthy, time-consuming task that requires a patient and empathetic approach. Often, there is a significant amount of rubbish, decaying former possessions and even human waste that can create highly unsanitary conditions, so care must be taken during its removal.


Fly-tipping is a serious problem that occurs all over Scotland and it continues to grow each year, in terms of the number of incidents reported and the volume of rubbish that is dumped. Both local authorities and private land-owners have to remain constantly vigilant against this threat, which can quickly turn from being an ugly scar on their land to a serious health hazard, attracting vermin and potentially posing a fire risk.

Clearway Scotland is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and we have a wealth of experience. We clear hundreds of tons of fly-tipped waste from Scottish properties and land each and every year, from domestic and commercial land.

Read more about our fly tipping removal here. 

Extreme/Deep Clean

Our deep cleaning service covers all of the highly unsanitary areas, rooms and infrastructure of your property that are particularly unpleasant, including bin rooms, rubbish chutes and the remnants of sewage overflows. Additionally, we also offer extreme cleaning services that tackle crime scenes, offering trauma clean-up where there is a significant risk of human exposure to the likes of biohazards. This can include human waste, chemicals, bacteria and blood.

Lastly, we also tackle infestations of rats, insects and maggots.

All of the waste that we collect is disposed of by licensed incinerators in Scotland and we are fully licensed by the Environment Agency.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer one-off cleans of domestic properties, carpet cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning.

Sharps/Bio-hazard Removal

Sharps waste is typically the unwanted material from hospitals, clinics and laboratories and it poses a very significant risk when it is found in public areas and spaces. Much of this waste is highly dangerous and includes drug-related paraphernalia like needles, foil, tubes and glass pipes.

Clearway have been offering sharps and biohazard removal and disposal since 1991, working closely with the London Metropolitan Police as their official Crime Scene & Trauma clean-up partner since 2009.

Additionally, we work with property managers, local authorities and housing associations all over Scotland.

We are unable to provide a fixed/regular collection of sharps boxes.

Crime Scenes and Undiscovered Death

Our teams of specialists have been providing extreme-clean services to local authority and police services all over Scotland since 2009. Fully trained to secure highly sensitive crime scenes, we are experienced in cleaning up blood, remnants of tissue and bodily fluids. We are also capable of the removal of fingerprint dust and other hazardous material.

Undiscovered deaths are a deeply unsettling and harrowing reality of life and they occur all over Scotland. In some circumstances, an undiscovered body can lay for days or sometimes even weeks. When the discovery does eventually occur, it is usually made by neighbours and is typically accompanied by a terrible stench and infestations of flies and maggots. This can be highly distressing but Clearway’s specialist teams have the training and experience required to deal with these situations quickly and efficiently, working to maintain the respect and dignity of the victim as much as possible.

You can read more about our crime scene cleanup services here.

Pests and Invasive Plants

Our fully trained and qualified pest control professionals are registered with the Environment Agency and are experienced in the removal of bee, wasp and hornet infestations. Furthermore, they can tackle unwanted woodlice, squirrels, spiders, ants, pigeons and much more.

One of the most common and invasive plants found in Scotland is Japanese Knotweed, which can grow to over 1m tall in as little as three weeks. A complex root system can burrow down 3m and spread out 7m wide, so it is vital to catch it as early as possible before it spreads to your neighbouring properties.

You can read more about our pest control services here.

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