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Vacant Property Security

Vacant Scottish properties are frequently and commonly targets of criminal activity, including vandalism, fly-tipping and squatting. Furthermore, the value of some of the remaining materials such as tiling or valuable copper pipes and other metalwork attracts the attention of thieves. When such incidents occur, the stress to the owner or the management can be significant.

Properties left vacant are susceptible to deterioration at a far greater rate compared to those that are occupied, which is why it is vitally important to ensure that expert vacant property security is employed. This should include the clearing and cleaning of the property, utility isolation, security both internally and externally and regular property inspections. By taking such precautions, you will ensure that you are complying with your insurance obligations and maintaining the value of your property asset. View our vacant property security features below. 

Steel Security Doors

This uniquely designed Clearway Keyless Toreadoor steel door was the very first of its type to be awarded the LPS1175 standard, which credits it with approval from the UK Police & Insurance. With a host of unique security features, this steel door is highly resistant to high impact forces and repeated aggressive attempts at invasion.

It’s worth highlighting that the Toreadoor keyless steel security door still provides easy and reliable everyday access for staff and other authorised personnel, which is reassuring for those that are concerned about having to call for assistance to gain access or for lost or misplaced keys. A key operated steel security door is available as an alternative.

Steel Security Screens

Clearway’s steel security panels are designed completely cover each window frame. The steel panels are a pre-formed, rigid box shape and, due to the fact that they are securely attached to an internal steel frame, they cause little to no damage to the window frames themselves. They are each made from a single sheet of high quality zinc-coated, painted, perforated steel and, once fitted, will completely cover each window of the property, either individually or as locked-together multiples for larger openings. Tamper-proof bolts ensure that they cannot be removed by vandals.

Verified Video Alarm

Clearway’s Verified Video Alarm system is fully power independent and can be used internally or externally. Individual or multiple camera devices can be used that will, upon activation, capture a short video clip and send it immediately to a recipient or monitoring station via the mobile network. The system is designed to provide video verification of the cause of the activation

The inView Verified Video system offers users a reliable and instant notification of the different activation types that can occur at vacant properties, including human entry and the less-serious wildlife factor. Crucially, it allows the monitoring station, or recipient responsible for monitoring, to differentiate between false alarms and genuine activations, thereby taking appropriate action quickly, which can include the notification of security services or the police.

This system is available with a range of features and options, including both interior and exterior PIR cameras, with daytime and night vision capability. In terms of battery life, the inView Verified Video System and control panels can last up to 4 years.

Perimeter Security

When it comes to perimeter security and the management of vehicle access onto your site, concrete blocks with a temporary steel mesh panel and telescopic bollards are very effective at preventing fly-tippers, intruders and those that you wish to prevent illegally accessing or occupying your property or land, from gaining entry.

Clearway’s concrete blocks are quick to install and highly effective at preventing access to compounds, fields, car parks and forecourts by those with no permission or authority to do so. Common uses include for the prevention of terrorist attacks and ram-raids on public areas and other important buildings. Additionally, concrete blocks are very effective when it comes to protecting members of the public from dangerous traffic, as well as preventing fly-tippers and squatters from your site or property.

Property Inspections

UK law dictates that the owners of a property are fully responsible and liable for the safety of anyone who enters, and this includes vacant properties. This can include, but is not limited to, authorised sub-contractors, agents and developers as well as unauthorised trespassers, squatters and children playing or exploring.

It’s vital for regular property inspections to be carried out on vacant properties because they provide an advanced warning of any weaknesses and vulnerabilities before they turn into much larger, more significant issues. All of our property inspections include a detailed report that will assist the owner of the property in meeting their insurance requirements.

Exterior Checks

Assessing the integrity of the building security, a well as highlighting any attempts at intrusion, rubbish dumping and the current state of land maintenance by thoroughly inspecting the exterior of the property. 

Utility Checks

This will involve manual checks of the gas, water and electric meters, with photographs taken of the readings for each one.

Interior Checks

Inspecting the interior of a property for signs of intrusion, as well as providing recommendations for any maintenance and repairs that may be required in order to prevent damage to the premises. This can include making the property wind and watertight, or removing or preventing infestations and leaks.

A Permanent Record

A record of every inspection that requires maintenance, going forward.

Vacant Property Security Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Have a Property Alarm Without Mains Power?

Yes, it certainly is. Clearway vacant property alarms are designed specifically for empty premises where alarm protection is vital to safeguard against intruders.

These vacant property alarm systems run from professional-grade battery packs. No mains power or hard-wired cabling is required, making them ideal for even remote locations, with reliable operation 24/7.

Which Regions Does the Clearway Vacant Property Team Cover?

Our vacant property security experts work with clients throughout the UK. Security services are available for all premises, from private residential homes to large commercial sites and empty units.

We have three primary depots covering Scotland, South England, Midlands and the North, ensuring nationwide coverage and a rapid response service wherever your property is based.

What is the Fastest Way to Safeguard a Vacant Property From Intruders?

There are multiple vacant property security options. The best solution for your property depends on what sort of criminal threats you wish to defend against, the type of empty property you own, and how long it is anticipated to remain vacant.

Some of the security measures available include:

  • Boarding up or fitting steel security doors and screens.
  • Installing a wireless vacant property alarm to deter criminals and alert the
  • Clearway response team if a break-in is attempted.
  • Using video verified alarms to monitor any visitors to your site.
  • Hiring concrete barrier blocks to prevent vehicular access.
  • Regular property security patrols or inspections.
    Temporary CCTV solutions with automated activations.

If you are unsure which vacant property solutions are right for you, feel free to get in touch with the Clearway team at any time for independent recommendations.

Is an Alarm System the Best Way to Protect Empty Homes from Criminals?

Alarm systems are powerful security components that make an empty home far less attractive to thieves, vandals and squatters.

Where there is a higher risk or the property is a target for criminals due to high-value materials or contents, you might also opt for CCTV surveillance equipment and security inspections by a Clearway vacant property security team.

How Can I Prevent False Alarm Call Outs on a Vacant Building?

Many clients report that they haven’t installed any alarm system on a vacant building due to repeated false alarm call-outs. We appreciate that these can be disruptive and time-consuming, particularly when during unsociable hours.

Video verified alarms are an ideal option. Each activation triggers video footage captures streamed in real-time to your remote device. You can monitor the video and identify whether an intrusion is being attempted or whether the alarm sensor has been activated by wildlife.

What Happens If My Vacant Property Alarm is activated?

The appropriate action depends on whether you have commissioned Clearway to provide alarm monitoring and response services. In that case, the security team will receive an instant notification should the alarm be triggered.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre will then deploy an operational team, contact you or your site manager, or contact the emergency services as per your response protocols.

What is the Best Way to Stop Vandals from Smashing Glass on Vacant Buildings?

Boarding up is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your vacant buildings from vandals.

Clearway can supply and fit a range of boards, from short-term timber boards as a preventative measure to robust steel security screens with tamper-proof bolts.

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