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Pest Control Services in Scotland

If you’ve experienced an infestation, you’ll know as we do that a small problem can turn into a serious concern very fast – and be a real nuisance to get rid of!

Clearway Scotland provides rapid response pest control services to businesses, property owners and residential clients throughout Scotland dealing with pest problems quickly, efficiently and humanely.

As Environment Agency registered pest control professionals, our teams focus on ensuring every pest-related problem has been comprehensively eradicated, so you can get back to normal without worrying that the infestation will return.

Why Do Pest Infestations Occur?

There are many reasons a pest (and its family) might decide to make your property their home. While the consequences can be dire, particularly in the hospitality industry, sometimes it’s just a case of bad luck.

Many vermin types are indeed attracted to particular things, such as rubbish or waste pipes – but infestations can occur without rhyme or reason.

Environmental factors are also a substantial factor, with insects, pigeons, rats and other bugs being attracted to premises that are warm, close to their natural habitat, or a source of food.

Clearway Scotland offers effective pest control for any range of unwanted animals or insects, including wasps, hornets, ants, spiders, squirrels and woodlice.

Safe Removal of Hazardous Pests

In other cases, infestations are a red flag that there may be an underlying problem. This issue is often found in vacant properties, accommodation that has been neglected, or in service areas where cleaning controls have not been maintained.

Examples include:

  • Cockroaches and rodents.
  • Bed bugs.
  • Woodworm.
  • Maggots and flies.

If you have any concerns about an infestation of this type, it is vital to seek professional pest control services as a matter of urgency to prevent irreparable damage to the property’s structure or the integrity of any area.

The Clearway team covers the breadth of Scotland and is equipped to deal with hazardous infestations caused by instances such as:

  • Properties vacated by squatters.
  • Areas contaminated by fly-tipping.
  • Premises with waste by-products attracting infestations.

Should such pests be left to multiply, they can quickly take over a property, and make it uninhabitable. Deep cleaning services are sometimes required to ensure the infestation is comprehensively eradicated, and that no health hazards remain.

Extreme Pest Control Services Throughout Scotland

Our pest control services also extend to biohazard removal and are often required in unfortunate scenarios where a person has passed away. This challenging situation can be difficult for all involved and presents a critical hazard for anybody attending the premises.

Such infestations must be dealt with sensitively and thoroughly. We offer a range of services to tackle such a problem and leave the property safe to return to:

  • Pest control quickly and effectively removes all insects or animals.
  • Extreme cleaning is available for domestic and business clients, as well as a trauma clean-up service.
  • Biohazard removals are carried out swiftly and safely with appropriately trained personnel, protective equipment, commercial standard cleaning products and appropriate disposal methods.

In any of these scenarios, the Clearway Scotland team operates with efficiency and discretion.

Where active businesses have been affected by a sudden infestation, we recognise that it is crucial to remove the problem fast and let you return to normal trading.

Residential Pest Control Requirements

From time to time, private homes may also be impacted by pests. Challenges such as a wasp nest in the attic, rat infestations in outdoor areas or bug colonies growing in eaves and woodwork can all be extremely upsetting and cause tremendous damage to properties.

Our role is to remove those pests altogether and mitigate any damage they may have caused to your home.

Clearway Scotland employs several pest control strategies, each tailored to your property, type of infestation, and requirements.

Options include:

  • Fumigation, fogging, chemical and heat treatments.
  • Recommendations for hygienic pest controls – such as fly screens or sealing of holes.
  • Biological pest control, where we can remove infestations without chemicals.
  • Physical removal – such as catch and release.
  • Eliminating breeding grounds to prevent a resurgence of the pest.

Whichever method is most suitable to the infestation and your property, our teams will advise on safety measures, ensure any premises are safe to return to and provide extensive cleaning to remove any potential residues or by-products.

Why Choose Clearway?

The Clearway teams are highly experienced in environmental property services, and work with clients from emergency services to private homeowners.

When it comes to pest control, a professional solution is always required. Fogging is one of the most popular methods, as it comprehensively removes infestations without leaving harmful residues – and we are committed to eliminating the use of chemicals wherever possible.

For more information about pest control services, whether on a long-term basis or to deal with an urgent requirement, contact the Clearway Scotland team today.

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Infestations often occur in vacant properties, or as a by-product of illegal activity such as fly-tipping. Services often used in conjunction with professional pest control include:

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