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Fly-Tipping Removal in Scotland

Clearway Scotland provides rapid and professional services for clearing and removing fly-tipped waste across Scotland. Our fly-tipping clearance specialists are fully licensed and will remove fly-tipped waste from public or private land and clear it in the safest way, making sure the area is environmentally-friendly and clean.

Removing unwanted and fly-tipped rubbish, we will make sure the area is hazard free and in a safe state, helping to recondition the area to the original state and decreasing the risk that the waste might impact the wildlife, general public and local government.

Clearance of Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping is the dumping of illegal rubbish and waste on a property or land without a license for dumping waste or no permission from the landowner. Environmental damage can be caused by hazardous waste from fly-tipping.

This illegal dumping can encourage pests and rodents in an area causing destruction to the environment and impacting the people or animals who may come in contact. Areas which are fly-tipped also attracts more illegal fly-tipping to take place.

We leave the area in its natural state by clearing the waste professionally and safely. Once the area has been cleared, we ensure it is disposed of according to environmental regulations and waste disposal by taking the waste to a registered transfer agent.

Clearway’s Fly-Tipping Removal Services

We have experience of over twenty-five years and work with commercial organisations, landowners and local authorities

Public Land Clearance – For public areas and open spaces, we provide efficient fly-tipping removal and clearance services and work alongside local authorities to remove waste which has been dumped, keeping the public safe and local area clean.

Private Land Clearance – We can securely and safely remove waste that has been dumped illegally on your property, and work to reduce the impact the waste might have on your land.

Hazardous Removal – Waste that has been dumped illegally on a property or site might contain hazardous, toxic, illegal, poisonous or sharp substances. Our team has the experience and a great history of safely removing most types of waste and deliver to a licensed waste transfer station where the waste will be processed according to current environmental laws and regulations.

City, Village and Town Removals – We remove waste which has been dumped in cities, villages and towns and other populated areas, where the waste can attract pests and rodents into properties. Rubbish and waste also might block streets, pavements and roads for drivers, residents and pedestrians.

Case Study of Fly-Tipping Removal

Croydon Toys ‘R’ Us – After the store was closed, the site became a dumping ground and squatters moved in due to a lack of security in place.

After the squatters were removed from the property, our team worked safely and quickly to clear the waste and made sure the property was secured.

Clearance of Residential Properties – Clearway was given the job of removing years of human waste, rubbish, drug paraphernalia and food from a property.

Two cleaning companies already refused to clear the property, we got to work quickly, cleaning and clearing the property, returning it to a safe, habitable and clean state for tenants in the future.

Why Choose Clearway?

We are an innovative and successful company which provides environmental property services. We operate across Scotland and have strong relationships with social housing providers, local councils and big property landowners and managers in Scotland.

Our services are quick and cost-effective and our team is available 8am-6pm on working weekdays. You can be assured that our team will be there anytime through our out-of-hours service.

We can deal with big jobs, whether it’s removing toxic substances and drug paraphernalia or simple smaller waste clearances, our team is experienced and gets any job done securely and safely.

Contact our fly-tipping specialists today

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