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Body Temperature Detection Camera System in Scotland and Surrounding Areas

Aside from isolation, detecting Coronavirus in workplaces as soon as possible is the most effective way to prevent the spread. We know that it would be impossible for a company to manually check every employee’s temperatures with a thermometer.

Our body temperature detection system works as an effective mass fever scanner, allowing companies to observe the temperature of a continuous flow of up to 30 people in an area at the same time. The system includes a facial recognition technology and a thermal imaging camera, providing temperature information instantly, allowing thousands of members of the public and key workers to feel safe due to decreasing the chance of spreading the virus.

Body Temp Brochure

Fever detection cameras – a life-saving development

Bullet & Turret Body Temp Cameras
Touch-free Body Temp Cameras
Walk-through arch Body Temp Cameras

An important sign of the Coronavirus infection (also known as COVID-19) is high body temperature. However, as people may not know this themselves, and organisations and businesses are encouraging people to return to work, there remains in place a very high risk of spreading the virus.

The use of handheld, non-contact IR LASER thermometers is one method of testing individuals. It works, but it’s impractical in high foot-fall scenarios and is a slow method of testing many people at once.

Other challenges include the many low quality and inaccurate hand-held thermometers being sold in the marketplace. These raise concerns as they aren’t reassuring people that the virus is being detected effectively and correctly.

Rapid testing of multiple individuals.

As the first-line defence, using a hand-held thermometer is unfeasible where high numbers of people are walking through a narrow entrance to a building.

By contrast, the Body Temperature Detection System is an effective and viable solution for immediate mass body temperature checking, allowing instant, accurate and continual facial temperature monitoring of up to 30 people simultaneously.

Temperature readings are presented on a live monitor and fed instantly to a digital recorder, triggering an alert when a raised body temperature is detected.

Multiple-person monitoring
Simultaneously measures up to 30 target temperatures at a camera distance of up to 7m

Bi-spectrum, dual channel, all-weather
Thermal imaging monitors body temperature under a variety of conditions, as long as there is visible light to capture the human face

Real-time face recognition
A proprietary face-recognition algorithm is used to accurately measure the temperature of a person’s face

High level of accuracy
Depending on the option chosen, modified ±0.5 °C or ±0.3 °C (distance, emissivity, ambient temperatures)

How does our body temperature detection system work?

Body temperature is determined through an algorithm model that matches greyscale values converted from thermal camera infrared radiation to temperatures values.

If an object or person has a temperature above absolute zero, the body temperature scanner emits a detectable number of thermal radiation. High-temperature accuracy in thermal cameras can help detect elevated body temperatures, indicating the existence of a fever.

Calculating the heightened body temperature for shoppers, commuters, employees, visitors, and construction workers are all ideal situations for the system.

Thermal Camera
1. Depending on the option selected, ±0.5 °C or ±0.3 °C measurement accuracy
2. Distance of the measurement: 0.8m-2.5m or 2m-7m, depending on the chosen option
3. Targets up to 30 people at once

Smart NVR
1. Face detection
2. Appropriate for medium-sized project selection or single-point emergency deployment

Temperature Calibration Unit
1. The Blackbody calibration unit is a standalone, powered device which provides a constant temperature source for camera calibration.
2. Environmental variation, such as sunlight, can affect a camera’s accuracy. The Blackbody device allows for continuous real-time calibration.

Body Temp Brochure

Body Temperature Detection System video

Body temperature checking features

  • 30ms temperature detection giving fast temperature measurements
  • Continuous instant detection in real-time allowing the scanning up to 30 people in busy areas
  • Depending on the option chosen, measures temperature within a ±0.5 °C or ±0.3°C range, giving high-temperature accuracy
  • Scan up to 7m away giving remote, long-distance scanning
  • Only measures facial temperature, heat detection is combined with facial recognition to decrease false positives by only measuring the temperature of a face
  • Mobile alerts and apps are sent instantaneously to your mobile device therefore a monitoring station is not needed
  • Modify settings based on environmental conditions (environment calibration)
  • Dual spectrum technology meaning that thermal imaging can function under a range of conditions because visible light is needed for the camera to capture a human subject
  • The unit can be used via a tripod or wall-mounted giving flexibility when positioning, giving versatile mounting

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Where can the Body Temperature Detection System be used?

The system is ideal where high footfall is commonplace and unavoidable:

Supermarkets – A trip to the supermarket is now named as essential travel by the government. Currently, supermarkets are still busy and the body temperature detection system could be a fast and effective way for stores to reduce the spread of the virus.

Transport – Certain people and a lot of key workers are required to travel, meaning that using public transport may be unavoidable at this time. The body temperature detection system can be used in areas such as train stations and airports to take the correct action to reduce the spread of the virus by detecting an infected passenger.

Medical facilities – Firstly, it’s paramount that protection is offered to employees ‘on the front line’ who are helping others by endangering their lives daily. The body temperature detection system can be used in doctors surgeries, hospital entrances or pop-up and field hospitals where there is a large number of members of the general public and medical staff.

Events – Due to COVID-19, most events have been cancelled. However, many important events will still take place such as conferences which will need to be held in a safe environment. Peace of mind is given to key workers in these environments by using a body temperature detection system.

Body Temperature Detection System
Hand-held Thermometers

Body Temperature
Detection System

  • Our camera can instantly detect the temperatures of up to 30 people at one time (within 30ms)
  • Dynamic continuous real-time detection
  • People can continue to move in a flow, in and out of a building, rather than a stop-start
  • Temperatures are intelligently measured automatically with a high degree of accuracy
  • Facial detection technology prevents false readings by eliminating misreads from face masks, hats or heavy coats

Hand-held Thermometer

  • Hand-held, manual measurements taken
  • Only one person at a time can get their temperature measured
  • No high-level people flow, the stop-start process is the only option
  • Manual measurement requires compromised social distancing and a higher risk of physical contact

Body Temperature Solutions - Comparison Tables


Body Temperature Solution Case Studies

There is no end to the applications the body temperature detection camera systems will be effective in and we have many examples that we can discuss with you. Below is a series of case study PDFs provided by HikVision, the manufacturer of the body temperature camera systems. They highlight the diverse range of body temperature detection system solutions.

Zest Care Homes

Cardiff Stadium

Royal Hospital Chelsea

SGL Carbon

St. James Hospital

Body Temperature Scanners FAQs

How do thermal imaging cameras work?

Different levels of infrared light are captured by the thermal camera when detecting the temperature. If the intensity is high enough, it can be felt as heat but the light is not visible to the naked eye.

The heat is transferred because all objects release some kind of infrared radiation. The more infrared radiation produced, the higher the temperature an object is. Much like a night vision camera, body temperature cameras can detect any radiation and turns it to an image that we can see.

Can thermal imaging see through clothing?

The thicker the clothing the less infrared is detected as heat.

Body temperature cameras will detect any infrared radiation, including radiation coming from a clothed body, however, as it uses facial recognition technology, it will only detect a heightened temperature of a human face.

Can thermal cameras be used to detect a virus or an infection?

Body temperature increases when the human body is fighting an infection.

An alert will be made when the body temperature camera detects an elevated body temperature which has exceeded a certain level. If a person has an infection, the camera will detect it. This is a great first-line defence when allowing multiple people into a building.

How far can the camera detect?

The body temperature camera should be mounted about 1.5m facing upwards from the ground towards incoming people as they enter a building and walk past the camera.

The distance between the people who are being measured and the thermal camera should be 0.8m – 2.5m or 2m – 7m, depending on the type of the camera chosen.

How accurate is the temperature detection?

The accuracy of temperature measurement ranges from ±0.5 °C to ±0.3 °C

A standard installation will be accurate to ±0.5°C. However, if a Blackbody calibration device is included in the installation, the accuracy of temperature measurement is increased to ±0.3 °C

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