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CCTV Solutions

CCTV is your eyes everywhere without physically being there.

Clearway specialises in providing temporary CCTV and video solutions to a wide variety of remote video access challenges, including a discrete video-verified alarm to a fully independent CCTV vehicle unit and a unique mobile CCTV Tower, both with telescopic 6m mast.

All solutions are power-independent and communicate via the mobile network to relay the cause of an activation or stream live video to a remote user or Clearway’s NSI Gold monitoring station.

InView CCTV Tower

Clearway inView CCTV Towers are a unique development from Clearway’s stable of innovations and run on mains or solar power; have wide coverage and provide a highly visible deterrent factor. With connection to multiple remote sensors placed around sites of almost any size, they will detect movement and instruct the mast-mounted camera to rotate, zoom, focus and live-record the event.

Inbuilt capability for illumination, Infrared/night vision, voice challenge, timed arm & disarm and communication via the mobile network all come as standard. Fully weatherproof, the Towers are designed to be left unmanned for long periods of time and can be delivered, installed and up and running within 20 minutes of arriving on site.

inView Towers are ideal for large open spaces, open car parks, construction sites, sports grounds, agricultural locations, outdoor events and music festivals.

inView Mobile CCTV

Unique to Clearway, our mobile CCTV unit is fully self sufficient with multiple fixed day/night cameras plus a high spec pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera mounted on a rapid-rise 6m telescopic mast with full remote operation. The vehicle can be deployed as soon as it arrives at the location and is a great visible deterrent to anti-social behaviour or any event or crowd situation.

CCTV footage from all vehicle-mounted cameras is stored locally to an onboard digital video recorder but also sent to cloud storage for safety. Video is also streamed in real-time and can be viewed remotely at a fixed location or via a mobile app. The mast-mounted PTZ camera is also fully controllable remotely and from within the mobile app.

inView Fixed CCTV

Our fixed CCTV systems are designed around a client’s specific needs to provide a solution that directly meets their challenges.

We use IP camera technology that allows for complex configurations and sharp, high-definition images that can be viewed either locally or remotely online.

inView Verified Video Alarm

Whilst not strictly a CCTV product, the Clearway inView Verified  Video system captures a short section of footage to immediately identify the cause of the activation and sends that, via the mobile network, to a predetermined recipient or monitoring station.

The Verified Video system is most commonly used to provide notification of different activation types, such as human entry or wildlife, especially where false alarms may be prevalent, allowing the monitoring service to determine the appropriate action to be taken and/or the security service or police to be deployed.

Verified Video cameras provide colour images in daylight/bright light and black and white images in low/limited light via the in-built infrared lighting.

The Clearway inView Video Verified system has many applications in commercial, industrial, retail and residential situations and is ideal for temporary sites, vacant properties, construction sites, boat yards, car parks and many other outdoor applications.

Monitoring Station

24/7 CCTV & alarm monitoring is provided by Clearway’s NSI Gold Cat ll Alarm Receiving Centre allows for round-the-clock security for your premises.

Intruder and fire alarm activations and CCTV footage can all be monitored and decisions made on the appropriate action required in accordance with a predefined escalation policy.

  • Bespoke Site Monitoring
  • Panic Alarm Monitoring
  • Keyholding
  • Wireless Intruder Alarm
  • Fire
  • Environmental
  • CCTV
  • Lone worker devices
  • Personal attack systems
  • Temporary Security Alarms
  • Out of Hours emergency call handling
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