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CCTV Tower Hire in Scotland

CCTV towers are an ideal surveillance asset for businesses with large layouts, vacant properties, and car parks. From preventing thefts to identifying attempted intrusions, deterring criminals and maintaining management control over your sites, CCTV towers provide a powerful solution to protecting your assets and business.

Clearway Scotland provides advanced CCTV solutions for all types of premises across Scotland, including retail parks, construction sites and empty locations requiring professional safety oversight. Our CCTV tower solutions include a full consultation, installation and maintenance service, adapted to your requirements, for the ultimate assurance that your surveillance is operating seamlessly all year round.

Clearway CCTV Towers

As criminal activities increase, so too must our security systems to be able to deter and detect intruders effectively. Clearway Scotland offers future-proof inView CCTV towers, which are as versatile as they are effective.

Ideal for locations without mains power, our CCTV towers run from independent solar or battery-powered sources, providing comprehensive coverage of large-scale sites with absolute reliability.

Remote sensors are strategically positioned in the critical locations according to your site risks, to ensure that any activations are identified and recorded by the mast-mounted cameras. This high-performance equipment can zoom, rotate, pan and record events in real-time for immediate action, and acts as a highly visible deterrent to potential intruders.

InView CCTV Tower Functionality

We only manufacture and supply the best surveillance equipment, with the most advanced technological processes to deliver enhanced security. Each inView CCTV tower:

  • Incorporates infrared and night vision capacity to provide 24/7 coverage.
  • Delivers customised management controls, including mobile CCTV management, remote communication and bespoke activations.
  • Is designed to withstand the wildest weather, and is fully adapted to remain weatherproof year-round.
  • Runs autonomously without manual intervention for a convenient and streamlined surveillance solution.
  • Requires minimal maintenance, for a low-cost and long-term security option.
  • Is fitted promptly by our team of experienced CCTV fitters, with a rapid deployment service to get your security up and running when you need it most.

Functions independently through high-capacity batteries or solar power, with low-maintenance and no reliance on mains power or internet connectivity.

Ideal Uses for Clearway CCTV Towers

As a leading Scottish security provider, the Clearway team works with a vast range of organisations and businesses. CCTV towers are highly adaptable, and therefore suited to a broad range of premises and locations, where comprehensive surveillance is a crucial security requirement. Some of the most popular applications for Clearway inView CCTV towers include:

  • Sites with expansive outdoor spaces, or large perimeters such as sports grounds, retail premises car parks, construction sites and vacant properties.
  • Event management at large public-access venues, including commercial properties and outdoor arenas.

Given the versatility and cost-effective nature of using CCTV towers, these can be installed rapidly, with the scope to protect large areas of land or property. Features include heat detectors and motion sensors, with automated zooming to capture any movements in real-time.

CCTV towers operate at all times of day or night, acting as a visible preventative measure to potential criminals. In the event of a security breach, high-quality footage and night capture abilities are invaluable in identifying intruders and providing information to the authorities.

CCTV Alarm Monitoring Services

Of course, the best CCTV solutions are only as effective as the monitoring and responses behind them. Thus Clearway offers a comprehensive alarm response service, managed through our NSI Gold Standard II accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Our monitoring facility provides next-gen technology solutions to deliver expedited responses and swift security protocols for businesses and organisations throughout Scotland.

In addition to CCTV tower monitoring, the ARC response team also delivers alarm activation protocols for every aspect of alarm and CCTV surveillance, including:

  • Fire alarms
  • Intruder alarms
  • Lone worker safety services
  • Panic alarms
  • Personal attack alarms
  • Temporary alarm systems

Clearway delivers comprehensive services, with a range of options available to complement your CCTV towers and monitoring services.

For more advice and support with identifying the best security solutions for your property, business and assets, contact the Clearway Scotland team today.

As experts in CCTV surveillance, professional safety protocols and rapid responses to stamp out attempted criminal intrusions, our team are always on hand to ensure you have independent advice about the ideal security systems for your premises.

See our CCTV Towers in Action

CCTV Tower Surveillance - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about our towers below:

Can I Install a CCTV Surveillance System If I Have No Mains Power?

You certainly can! Our inView CCTV towers run on independent battery systems or solar-power recharging, so can be installed in remote locations and on vacant premises without any reliance on mains electricity.

How Expensive is the Maintenance for a CCTV Tower?

Maintenance is minimal, with an autonomous system designed to function seamlessly over the long term. However, Clearway always advises on having insurances in place to manage any costs associated with damage to your system.

Does a CCTV Tower Record Intruders at Night?

It does indeed; Clearway CCTV towers harness infrared technology and motion sensors to activate instant recording, zooming and panning. This tech includes the capacity to record clear images at any time of day or night, with remote systems control available through your own devices.

Contact our CCTV Tower specialists in Scotland today

To learn more about our CCTV towers contact Clearway Scotland on 0141 6117812 or email us at View our full range of vacant property security services here.

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