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Cctv Tower Hire

Remove CCTV Services in Scotland

CCTV is a critical component of many security systems, both as a deterrent to criminals, a way to monitor suspicious activity, and an asset to help the authorities to apprehend intruders. But, what do you do if you need surveillance of a site or building that doesn’t have mains power? Additionally, how can you keep your premise protected when there is nobody on-site?

Remote CCTV monitoring allows you or your team to have eyes on your property even when there is nobody physically present. The Clearway Scotland team works with businesses and private clients across the region, fitting high-performance remote CCTV with exceptional functionality, all supported by our award-winning monitoring centre.

Our Remote CCTV Services

There are multiple advanced remote CCTV solutions to choose from. The best solution for your premises or property depends on the layout, security level you require, and where the key risks arise. Some of our most popular remote CCTV strategies include:

InView Remote CCTV Towers

Technologically superior CCTV can operate in any conditions, running solely from professional quality batteries with solar power options to keep your remote CCTV working seamlessly.

Wireless CCTV systems have zero reliance on mains power, running autonomously, and are an ideal security option for isolated locations, worksites, vacant properties, or regions where the power supply is unreliable.

Fixed Wireless Alarms

As vacant property security experts, the Clearway team can advise on a range of solutions available to defend empty properties exposed to thefts, security breaches, intruders and vandalism.

Wireless alarms can have solar power functionality to recharge the batteries on a continuous cycle, with distance management to help you review footage, manage settings, and decide on the appropriate response to an alarm activation.

Mobile CCTV Patrols

Patrol vehicles are clearly marked and signed, acting as an additional preventative measure to criminals, who can see that a security team inspects your premises.

Our inView CCTV patrol service is available on a long or short-term basis to keep a watchful eye over your property with a rapid-rise 6m telescopic mast and high definition footage recording.

Accredited Alarm Monitoring

The ability to monitor your CCTV remotely is key to maintaining peace of mind when your property is vacant. Clearway is proud to offer comprehensive CCTV monitoring from our NSI Gold Category II Alarm Receiving Centre.

Trained operatives will constantly monitor any CCTV activity, liaising with you, your site managers, our professional response teams, or the authorities to quickly and safely manage any situations that may arise.

Wireless Video Verified Alarms

Another popular solution for premises that aren’t in regular use, or are some distance from your home, is a video verified alarm. With remote options available, this alarm offers the ultimate convenience without compromising on security.

When an alarm is triggered, you can view live CCTV footage to determine the reason and appropriate action. This means avoiding any expenses or time to deal with false alarm call-outs and ensuring that you have instant access to real-time imagery of what is happening at your premises.

Features of Remote CCTV

Whenever the Clearway teams install a new system for our Scottish clients, we want two things – for the functionality to far surpass any expectations you might have, and for the operation of that system to be completely seamless.

Our remote control CCTV systems are quick to install and simple to use. We can stream footage via secure transmission links to almost any connected device. Behind that simplicity lays exceptional technology:

  • InView CCTV remote towers can be installed in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Weatherproof casings mean your remote CCTV works perfectly in even the harshest conditions.
  • Flexible PTZ cameras on our mobile units can capture high definition footage from any direction.
  • IP camera technology can be positioned to record imagery in any layout, no matter how complex.
  • High-quality sensors provide instant CCTV activation, whether at close or long-range.
  • Infrared and body temperature sensor cameras ensure that your CCTV recordings are crisp and clear at any time of day or night.

See our CCTV Towers in Action

Remote CCTV Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about our towers below:

Can I Monitor my CCTV System Remotely?

Yes, you can. You can decide how you wish to view your CCTV footage. We offer a secure app available on any smartphone or device to monitor activity and control your CCTV system from any location.

How is Remote CCTV Powered?

Professional quality batteries are designed to last for several years at a time, with secure, weatherproof casing and tamper-proof screws. Solar recharging means that your batteries refresh back up to a full charge during the day, providing year-round coverage.

What CCTV Activations can a Response Centre Deal With?

CCTV is primarily used to capture any attempted breaches, and is also an excellent trigger warning, with automatic functionality programmable to start recording when any movement is detected. Our response team can also monitor gas, water, fire, flooding, smoke or breaking glass alarms.

Why choose Clearway Scotland?

Why Choose Clearway Scotland?

The Clearway teams have decades of experience delivering outstanding security services to our clients, from the largest retail parks to individual private properties.

Give us a call to discuss your remote locations or properties, and we will be delighted to run through the best options, tailored to your risk assessment and security requirements.

Related Services

Alongside remote CCTV, Clearway Scotland offers a comprehensive range of security solutions for homes and businesses of any size:

  • Vacant Property Security – A range of CCTV safety options to protect empty buildings, premises or work sites either long or short term.
  • Construction Site Security – Bespoke CCTV solutions to defend vulnerable construction sites from any risk of theft, damage or intrusion.
  • Car Park Security – CCTV explicitly designed for the risk factors most prevalent in car parks, whether open land layouts or multi-storey facilities.

Contact our Remote CCTV Experts

To learn more about our remote CCTV options, contact Clearway Scotland on 0141 6117812 or email us at View our full range of vacant property security services here.

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