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Temporary Alarm Systems in Scotland

As a vulnerable target for theft, squatters and trespassers, vacant properties require tailored security solutions to keep them safe. With years of experience in safeguarding vacant sites across Scotland, the Clearway team offers a range of vacant property alarms designed to maintain surveillance for your empty premises, with swift installation and consistent monitoring for your peace of mind.

Many alarms that come from vacant properties are false, meaning they waste police time and other resources. A verified video alarm allows you to check the footage and confirm the need for police dispatch, ensuring the issue is dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Our vacant property alarm is monitored, stand-alone, battery-powered, wire free, mobile network alarm system specifically designed for use on vacant commercial and residential properties where no mains power or telephone line is available. Rapid installation and fully power-independent, this high-spec Video-Verified Alarm system will detect movement via multiple sensors and send a short video clip via the mobile network to a predetermined recipient or monitoring station.

About our temporary alarms

Video-verified camera system cage-protected at low level
CCTV tower video intercom
Video-verified multi-camera system ideal for construction sites

The Benefits of a Clearway Vacant Property Alarm

The Verified Video system is most commonly used to provide notification of different activation types, such as human entry or wildlife, especially where false alarms may be prevalent, allowing the monitoring service to determine the appropriate action to be taken and/or the security service or police to be deployed

Our temporary vacant property alarms provide a reliable solution that will help you to keep your empty building site secure. They can be installed very quickly and when you no longer need them they can be easily removed. In just 20 minutes you will have a reliable property alarm that we are confident to put our name to. Our temporary vacant alarms are ideal for all kinds of residential properties and large commercial buildings, especially retail units, car parks, and vacant pubs.

Adaptable Temporary Alarms Systems

We use IP camera technology that allows for complex configurations and sharp, high-definition images that can be viewed either locally or remotely online.

Verified Video cameras provide colour images in daylight / bright light and black and white images in low / limited light via the in-built infrared lighting.

All CCTV footage is recorded and transmitted in real-time to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). All notifications are checked and investigated for false alerts, with our team ready to dispatch security or notify the police as and when required.

We conduct site audits to determine the level of temporary CCTV coverage the site/area requires, covering key access points and ensuring any security weaknesses, such as the perimeter are addressed.

Applications of Clearway Temporary Alarm Systems

Whether you need alarms on a long-term basis to protect vacant properties, or as a temporary measure to safeguard premises during key activities of heightened risk, Clearway alarms protect a variety of sites across Scotland:

  • Empty residential properties: During a period of vacant tenancy, throughout a sale process or during renovation, vacant property alarms safeguard the security and value of your premises.
  • Construction site security: As a prime target for criminals, wireless alarm systems are ideal for construction sites to protect assets and personnel from intruders and theft.
  • Car parks: Parking areas and bays are a common location for illegal entry or unauthorised activity, and therefore require remote alarm systems that can immediately initiate a response when a breach occurs.
  • Commercial premises: Clearway works with clients including pubs, bars, shops and retail sites throughout Scotland, providing protection and a preventative measure to avoid vandalism, break-ins and criminal damage.

About Clearway Scotland

As a highly experienced Scottish security provider, we specialise in safeguarding vacant properties and empty sites. We do this by leveraging our knowledge about the best ways to mitigate critical risk factors, and by offering a comprehensive range of security solutions, each adapted to the needs of your business or premises.

Our team recognise the vulnerability of empty properties and have therefore designed a unique range of options created to safeguard these sites, with solutions ranging from robust Police Approved steel doors and screens, concrete barrier hire to avoid vehicular access, to advanced alarm systems for 24/7 monitoring.

The Clearway team can recommend the best solutions for your business, and work alongside Scottish companies, retailers, public sector organisations and private property owners to provide outstanding peace of mind.

Related Clearway Security Solutions

Security strategies are identified through a thorough site inspection and consultation. This process helps the Clearway team to appreciate your operational risks, security hazards, and crucial priorities to advise on the most suitable security solutions to meet that demand.

Vacant property alarms are often complemented with additional safety measures for a more comprehensive safeguarding system, using services such as:

  • Temporary CCTV: CCTV cameras are a powerful deterrent, and can back-up alarm systems by providing high-quality real-time footage to assist in identifying intruders and taking appropriate actions.
  • Video Alarm Systems: Another option is to utilise video alarms for rapid verification to identify whether an actual breach has occurred, or when an alarm activation is false. This avoids spending time and resources in responding to false alarms.
  • Concrete Barriers hire: These barriers are a highly effective solution to prevent unauthorised site access, and protect your vacant sites against fly-tipping, vandalism and theft by making it impossible for vehicles to gain entry.
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