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Vacant Property Security - MONITORED SOLO ALARM

The Clearway Solo Alarm is a monitored, stand alone, battery powered, wire free, GSM (mobile network) alarm system specifically designed for use on vacant commercial and residential properties where no mains power or telephone line is available.

Fully self-contained, the Solo portable alarm system can be fitted, commissioned, verified and working to protect your property within 20 minutes.

Monitored Solo Alarm

Features include:

  • No mains power, telephone line or Internet access required
  • Illuminated keypad and back-lit LCD
  • Simple messaging with on screen instructions
  • Lone-worker protection: panic button with built-in shock sensor
  • Regular heartbeats confirming operational status

Features include:

  • Simple one-button arm
  • Auto-arming at a variable pre-set time to ensure property protection
  • Monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • PIN codes configured to customers’ requirements
  • Priority levels of PIN code with daily ‘one use’ PIN codes available
  • 5 Year battery life
Multi-sensor capability
Additional wireless movement detectors are installed throughout the building and, when triggered, will activate a 110 db sounder. The alarm unit will simultaneously signal our 24/7 alarm monitoring centre (or the client direct) via the mobile network.

Housed within a bespoke heavy duty steel case, the Solo Alarm can be configured to detect movement, smoke, fire, water, gas and broken glass and, upon detection, send relevant information to the monitoring centre or client.

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