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Security Dog Units and Dog Patrols

Clearway Scotland are professional and experienced providers of security dogs, as well as highly trained manned guards and property security services across Scotland.

Using these services will guarantee that your property or site is protected properly and thoroughly.

Security dogs offer more of a protective element to the detail of your companies security practices. They also work as a great compliment to the skills and expertise of security guards, offering a heightened level of threat detection with a quicker response.

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Why Use Guard Dogs?

A professionally trained guard dog brings many benefits to the level of your security as it is a cost-effective and efficient way of delivering solutions for a number of scenarios. Dog units (security guards accompanied by their trained dogs), and can be used for a long-term solution or a singular event.

Body cams can be equipped to our dog handlers to provide footage of events happening live. This gives a business peace of mind that their property or event is continuously protected by 24/7 monitoring.

Urgent Dog Unit Hire
Quick, short term solutions Protected in 24 hours.

24-7 Security services
Constant Protection with our round the clock security services.

SIA and NASU Qualified
Approved by the National Association of Security Dog Users

20+ Years of Experience 
Experienced. Reliable and Trustworthy

Key Advantages To Hiring Security Dog Patrols

The main advantage of using dog patrols and guards the fact that dogs have the natural ability of a heightened sense of smell and hearing compared to humans, which are fit for the needs of property security.

Dogs will hear sounds up to four times the distance that humans can hear, allowing them to alert guards quickly if there are any problems they might not know of. Their sense of smell is heightened about 40 times as sensitive than the hearing of humans, and their speed is another great advantage. Dogs are able to run at 15 to 20mph, meaning they’re able to catch anyone who is on the run.

Deploying a security guard along with a dog is a much lower price than deploying two security guards, and is more of a deterrent. To potential intruders, having a guard dog along with a security guard is a lot more intimidating than a security guard by themselves.

Mobile Patrol Dogs

Our marked vehicles can be used to patrol the outside of your site regularly whilst dog units can investigate the exterior of a premises, especially areas such as openings like windows and doors. Click here to see our boarding up service. Our mobile units respond swiftly to any thought risks with vehicles ready to go at all times.

Because dogs have a heightened sense of hearing and smell, they can detect additional threats which will not be known to humans, increasing efficiency.

Security dog patrols are also able to manage alarm responses, keyholding services, and property lock and unlock services, making them as versatile and flexible as they are effective.

Canine / Manned Security Guarding

When intruders see a security guard and dog on your premises, it will be a sign that you take security seriously.

Static manned guarding can protect certain areas of vulnerability as well as providing patrolled mobile guarding. You can help improve visible security significantly by deploying a dog unit for your property and is much more likely to prevent unauthorised access. Your personnel and staff will feel a lot more protected if a security guard, along with a trained dog is on-site, deterring any potential intruders.

Search And Detection Dogs

Specialist search and detection dogs have a range of training and abilities that let them reliably detect firearms, drugs and explosives if they are in the area.

An ideal way to decrease the transfer of substances which are unwanted to a site is to use a dog unit for search and detection due to their heightened senses. These senses can be used to identify threats quickly before a human or machine could. Detection dogs quickly search whole areas and constantly move to detect any areas of risk, or stationed in one place to screen visitors entering a building.

Events And Crowd Control Dog Units

At open-access sites, big gatherings or public events, by having a security dog present, it can provide the staff and the public with a visual, instant assurance that unauthorised activity will be quickly identified, responded and prevented.

Dog units are taught to deal with large groups of people and the threats they may bring. Having a security dog also means that the guards are at less risk when having to deal with intruders or incidents involving large groups. Security dogs take advantage of their heightened senses to identify perpetrators, detect distress and listen to instructions when given by experienced security guards.

Our Security Guard And Dog Patrols Are A Perfect Solution For A Variety Of Situations

Open spaces with a risk of illegal traveller settlements or fly-tippers

Larger sites are harder to control and monitor with so many points of entry and places of risk. These large sites are covered easily by a guard with accompanied by a security dog. Having a dog unit present is an effective way to prevent the risk of squatters, unwanted guests or fly-tippers and the destruction that it brings.

Secluded sites, where a single guard may be vulnerable

There is a higher risk for sites and areas that are remote and secluded in an area as when they are out-of-hours, they could be a potential target for break-ins. Our dog patrols have higher capabilities than a manned patrol, making sure that security guards aren’t exposed to higher levels of potential risk if they don’t have access to protection and back-up immediately.

Sensing intruders hiding beyond a line of sight

Due to dogs heightened sense of smell, which is approximately 40 times more sensitive than humans, they will notice unauthorised activity before a guard does. It is not possible for manned patrols or security guards alone to detect potential intruders presence until they have noticed the intruder or a breach has occurred.

Protecting valuable and important equipment, scrap materials or goods

Occasionally particular valuable projects need to have superior security, even though every business values their assets and people. This includes scrap material exposed to theft, expensive goods and lucrative assets, making the site more vulnerable.

Our dog units can be given the task of providing coverage to general sites, looking after valuable equipment or guarding entrance points.

Construction projects or empty buildings that may attract unauthorised people or squatters

Empty properties and building sites are targets for criminal or other illegal activity, including breaking and entering, damage and defacing, illegal occupation and even arson. Any one of these can result in huge expense to resolve.

Canine security patrols are prefect for continuous protection of sites or empty buildings, helping to keep them stay free from illegal activity

Commercial ventures or offices that benefit by having a presence of visible security

Theft is a major problem for business property, especially when opening hours are publicised, such as on the company’s website. Many types of business equipment are at risk of theft and criminal damage. The high visibility of security personnel, especially when combined with canine patrols, provides a presence and assurance that significant security enforcement in place.

All types of business properties are at risk from criminal activity, breaking and entering and vandalism, including retail, warehouses, offices and industrial.

Clearway Head Office in Dartford, Kent

Why Choose Clearway Scotland?

Clearway is an experienced long-established security company of providing professional K9 security services. We understand client requirements and providing cost-effective and fast protection for large and complex sites.

Our dog patrol and manned guarding services always meet and exceeds clients expectations and makes sure properties are kept safe and in control, at all times of night and day.

We provide:

  • Our canine patrols are as highly valued as our security team and are treated as respected and professional members of our security family.
  • Full accredited services, National Association of Security Dog Users accreditation (NASDU)
  • A fast response when security is needed
  • Flexible short and long-term contract hire
  • 24/7 security so you can rest assured that your premises are protected
  • Dog handlers are trained to provide efficient assurance and service

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your dogs and handlers continually trained?

Our security guards are professional and qualified in SIA approved training and carries a badge that says so at all times to confirm their experience and training. Our dog handlers are trained and accredited by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU).

How quickly can you have a security guard and dog unit at the location needed?

We can make sure dog patrols and security guards are provided within 24 hours, across the UK. We may be able to send security personnel to a location on the day of the enquiry if it is an extreme situation. If an emergency situation does arise and security is needed, get in contact as soon as possible.

How long can I have the dog unit for?

We understand that situations could be prone to change, so when it comes to the value of security for your site, we are very flexible. We ask for a 24-hour notice if a security guard or dog patrol is needed for additional hours or day, or if extra security provisions are required.

How are the dogs transported?

Security dogs are treated with respect, always keeping the animal’s welfare in mind. They are transported in cages and vehicles primarily for the safety for dogs. Each vehicle carries appropriate signage that a security dog might be on-board and they are supplied with first aid provisions, air ventilation, safety cages, fire safety equipment, feeding and water bowls, spare leads, collars, water and food.

What type of insurance do we have?

We have a fully comprehensive public liability insurance. Details are available on request where required to assist with contracts and risk assessments.

What parts of the UK do we cover?

Clearway Scotland provides security across Scotland and northern England.

Call us on 0141 611 7812 to see how we can help you with Dog Units and Manned Guarding hire.

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